Hello, (mad*) world

Exactly a month ago, I moved halfway across the world to a small town in South Denmark to work for one of the biggest toy companies in the world. Ambitious as I am, I never in my wildest of dreams (or daydreams) had seen myself ending up here and at 32, starting anew. I was wide-eyed, high-pitch (still am) and smiling silly - trying to make sense of this new-found reality of 16° summers, insanely early EODs (4PM!), cold cuts and cheese.

Day of arrival, snapped a photo outside the then would-be office

I pinched myself a couple of times and everything was new (quite literally).

I have Ian Sta. Maria, my friend and former mentor to thank for inspiring me to apply. He would always encourage me to check out the openings, and to "Ley, just try". And so one sleepless night of furious LinkedIn browsing, I saw from an ad that they were looking for me and before self-doubt could say anything on the matter, I wrote my most sincere and heartfelt cover letter and pray hit submit.

Edited 1000x

I had butterflies in my stomach that night. And then forgot all about it the weeks after.

(to be continued)


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